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Technology is growing at an increasingly fast rate. It has become extremely easy to access all types of information.  Need to make a pizza dough?  How about a video on how to replace a doorknob?  Easy!

Anything we want right at our fingertips – gotta love it!

Even physical books have morphed into digital reading material and audio books are becoming more and more available. Just pop in the ear buds and you can get a few pages in while waiting in line at Starbucks or during your morning walk.

Ebooks have become a strong force in the book publishing industry, but printed books remain surprisingly dominant. But why would anyone buy paper books these days? They are more expensive and just take up space, right?

I certainly love being able to download ebooks – allowing me to carry them around wherever I go; however, my home library will always remain my most prized possession and I am always looking for new books to add to my collection.

Here's why! 

5 Reasons Paper Books Are Better Than Ebooks

  • Feel –  There is nothing better than the feeling of a real book. Holding a book in your hands is intimate and demands your undivided attention. Someone made this for you.
  • Sharing – Books are perfect for passing along. There is something that you gain from everything you read and when you are done,  it is always there waiting for the perfect person to come along for you to share it with and that could benefit from it.  It feels great to pass on good knowledge.
  • A Reminder – A physical book is a strong reminder of an idea, a story, an adventure, a life, a thought, an inspiration, a creation and a new way to perceive life.
  • Keeping –  A good book is a keeper. Instead of getting lost in your phone or tablet never to be seen again – a book sitting on the shelf is always there. You may never read it again but the ideas and knowledge remain.  Books are timeless and a good one will always let us know when it might be time to pick it up again.
  • Look Smart – Aside from being a great conversation starter when receiving company, book collections just look cool and make you feel smarter. Books are able to create a positive environment and provide a certain energy. Ebooks can't do that.

It’s not hard to tell that I love books! I will always remain grateful for each opportunity to feed the mind with new knowledge and perspective

What Is Binaural Music Meditation?

Science Meets Consciousness With The Most Advanced and Transformational Audio Tools Available Today!

Meditation can be tough, especially if you are just starting out. Binaural music – often referred to as binaural beats – is enhanced audio entrainment, making your practice smoother and less of a strenuous task.

These specialized sessions are optimally designed to stimulate the mind into a natural meditative state, as well as promote altered states of consciousness.

What makes this collection unique is the science and research put behind these transformational meditation programs. iAwake Technologies is the most advanced development company in brain/mind sound technology. The iAwake research and creative team is committed to bringing forth the most effective and cutting-edge meditation tools available.

iAwake enhanced meditation sessions are infused with biofield technology. The science of biofield technology tells us that everything in the universe emits subtle energy. This energy can be harnessed in producing meditative and healing powers as two energy fields interface, resonating through the mind and subtle body. Binaural beats use different frequencies of energy to produce this interaction within the brain.

How Can You Benefit From Binaural Music?

Sweet and Sound Sleep
When it is hard to slow down an active mind and drift into a comfortable sleep, the brain is usualy in an over active brainwave state. By exposing yourself to certain binaural beats, you are able to naturally lower the frequency into a relaxed and soothing environment for your mind. Your mental energy is enhanced with the balancing effects of optimally infused audio patterns, allowing your mind to settle down and remain at rest. In this tranquil state, you are likely to get a deep and sound sleep.

Effective Meditation
It is impossible to practice mediation when your brain is highly equipped with other thought processes. The soothing frequency of binaural music is able to release your high thought activity  by bringing in low brainwave frequencies while allowing you be in full conscious awareness.

Enhanced Optimism
While your mind is loaded with a whirlwind of stressful thoughts hovering around relentlessly each moment, you are typically too distracted to experience healthy levels of optimism. In order to maintain a positive and focused state of being, your mind must be brought into a calmer and poised frequency- allowing the vibrations of the mind to recalibrate and re-center.

Binaural Music meditation has been reported to help a great deal in bringing your brain into a state of peace, where possibilities open up from a clear point of view.

xperience how optimized audio can further facilitate the harmonious functioning of your mental, emotional, and physical systems. If your mind is exposed to positive vibration, it is resonated through the subtle body and your perspective along with spiritual well being is greatly promoted to upgrade dramatically.

Having a healthy mind has a strong impact your body. A stress free mind is the key to a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Binaural beats meditation is one of the most powerful ways to heal the mind and enter euphoric states of peace.

Stronger Connection to Self
Binaural music takes you deep into a positively altered state of enhanced awareness, enabling you to access a deeper perspective of your true nature. Through the experience of binaural beats meditation, practitioners tend to gain spiritual knowledge by being provided with a wide open space of clarity. This allows for the clear communication with an increased depth and sensation of self to take place. Binaural beats allow you to get in touch with the sensations of your body as well as the true nature of your inner being.

With Theta frequency, you are in touch with enhanced concentration power, elevated memory, and a decrease in hyperness. Not only this, a balanced blood pressure, heart rate frequency and healthier breathing are also some of the effects of being present in this state. You are exposed to a more healthy and fruitful life when regularly in touch with theta frequency. The Binaural Beats of 4 - 8 hertz are present in this state.

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