Mr. Ryan Erhart

Contact Details

Overview of research

I am an eager mixed-method researcher with over 9 years of training and experience. I have a strong background in the empirical social sciences. I am well equipped to address various research and business challenges from a collection of approaches such as qualitative and quantitative methodologies; inductive and deductive thinking; and explaining, exploring, and predicting framing. I hold practices such as triangulation (i.e., iterative studies addressing the same topic/question(s) from a multitude of approaches and methodologies), collectivity objectivity, and cross-validation (i.e., replication) in high regard. In addition, I find culture-of-science, sociology-of-knowledge, and social constructionism great organizing paradigms.

Experience & Skills:

Training in quantitative and qualitative methods and design; data collection, storage, management, and analysis; secondary data analysis; inferential statistics; survey design, methodology, and psychometrics

Communication of data and research findings in written and oral forms to fellow researchers and stakeholders alike

Management of the sales data for a non-profit university bookstore, wherein I created monthly, quarterly, and annual deliverables used to make actionable decisions

Mentoring of both undergraduate and graduate researchers and students

Eager to contribute to impactful and meaningful research and analysis