Ms. Nicole Barbaro

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Brief Bio:

​I received my BA in Psychology (Cum Laude & Departmental Honors) from Oakland University in 2013. I then served as a Lab Manager in the psychology department at the University of Pittsburgh from 2014-2015. I returned to Oakland University in 2015 where I completed my MS in psychology in 2017 under a Graduate Fellowship funded by the King-Chavez-Parks Initiative. Currently, I am a PhD student in evolutionary psychology at Oakland University, studying under the advisement of Todd K. Shackelford. I now serve as the Student Representative of the Executive Council for the Human Behavior and Evolution Society, as well as an Editor for the Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science (Editors in Chief, Todd K. Shackelford and Viviana A. Weekes-Shackelford).

Research Interests:

My primary research program examines the etiology, development, and genetic underpinnings of aggressive conflict (e.g., sexual coercion and intimate partner violence) and attachment dynamics within romantic relationships. Secondarily, I investigate the use of, and contextual influences on, performance frequencies of mate retention behaviors, and human adaptations to sperm competition. Across these topics, I employ various methodologies including self-report, longitudinal dyadic designs, experimental paradigms, mathematical simulations, and behavioral genetic modeling.